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Blasting Halls

Straaltechniek International introduced in the early 90’s a revolutionary design for the surface preparation of the ship sections. The design was based on the use of a re-usable abrasive and no longer the copper slag, which creates huge waste amounts, due to the fact that this is a single-use abrasive. Cost reduction of the waste amount was significant and brought lots of advantages for contractors. Furthermore the design of the equipment was based on one-stop shop, which means that the complete surface preparation (shot-blasting, cleaning of internal parts of the ship sections, as well as painting) will be performed in one and the same workshop.

Therefore, the big halls were set up as combined blasting- and painting halls, which reduces the internal transport of the ship sections on the shipyard to a minimum. Furthermore, the contractor is assured that they can perform the complete surface preparation for the ship sections 365 days per year, not dependant on weather conditions anymore. In the past it was common use to perform shot blasting and paint spraying outside, under non-controllable conditions.


The new design of combined blasting- and painting halls is equipped with:



The new design of the surface treatment for ship sections was introduced in the early 90’s as environmental regulations forced the shipyards to replace the regular surface preparation methods.
Recently Straaltechniek International has installed several installations worldwide for surface preparation of ship sections.



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