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Straaltechniek International and Flame Spray Technologies announce cooperation

Straaltechniek International and Flame Spray Technologies have signed a commercial cooperation agreement. Both companies are active in the same markets and the products supplied are complementary.


Straaltechniek International is a leader in Grit Blast and Shot Peen systems; and Flame Spray Technologies is a globally recognized supplier of Thermal Spray Systems.

The goal of the cooperation is to provide our customers with a more complete product and to provide better global support by combing sales and service activities.

Both Ad Gielen, managing director Straaltechniek International and Menno Zwetsloot, managing director Flame Spray Technologies are pleased with the agreement and are convinced that this 

cooperation will be beneficial for both companies and their combined customer base. The cooperation between the two companies is like a natural fit.

Flame Spray Technologies & Straaltechniek  International announce cooperationFST and Straaltechniek International and FST have already cooperated on a production unit installed at SKF Sweden. This was a very successful undertaking and is a classic example of a combined project.


Flame Spray Technology: www.fst.nl

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