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Heunisch Guss - Hanger conveyor blast machine

Looking back at the year 2008, one can inevitably find that most manufacturing companies were at their capacity limits. Dispite a very high occupancy rate within the companies they could nog meet the increased demands for goods. Emerging countries such as China, India, Latin America, Russia and South Africa are still increasing freight, causing the companies to are in a dilemma. Either they could deliver and the competition would instead, or they should invest in the future in new, more efficient systems.


It was precisely this choice foundry Heunisch Guss GmbH of Bad Windsheim had to make. With the existing production facilities, it was hardly possible to further meet the customer demands for the same or even lower operating costs. The foundry did not make it any longer to in-house sandblast the between 70,000 to 100,000 produced products. Therefore they had to engage a special contracting firm.


Also the in 2007 and 2008 extremely increased prices for raw material made it no longer economically viable to transport parts by truck to subcontractors for further operations. Especially because the logistical effort and timeline were getting more problematic. For this reason, solutions are sought to substantially increase production while reducing production costs. Because of the good cooperation with Straaltechniek International and because of the good experience with the Rutten blast machines since 2004, they joined forces to find a solution.


Extensive calculations showed that 35% to 45% increase in productivity at lower production costs could only be achieved by using the blast machines equipped with Rutten turbines. Our engineers also came to the conclusion that the increase in productivity and lowering of production costs would only be possible by using the turbines in combination with a fully automatic monorail.


After the convincing concept of Straaltechniek International, it was decided to realize this proposal. Heunisch Guss GmbH engineers analyzed the production process, to find the best location to fit the fully automatic blast machine seamlessly and effectively in the production process.


After the technical design was completed and prepared, the construction of the installation started. Although the local temperature was below freezing, which made work difficult, the installation was up and running in a few weeks. Finally they could begin with increasing the production with 35% - 45 %.


With this investment of Straaltechniek International Heunisch Guss GmbH is well positioned for the future in their increasingly competitive market. They can continue to act as a market leader in the field of machine cast iron and ductile cast iron products from 5 kg to 600 kg and for complex hand castings in gray and ductile cast iron from 150 kg to about 2500 kg.


Only by using the innovative technology of Straaltechniek International and the resulting increased production rates, it was possible to make an effective difference to the competitors.­­

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