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Straaltechniek International Group

The group's main philosophy and targets are, to the largest extend, to cover the full range for the supply of products within the following trade-areas:



The experience from the delivery of this wide range of products has enabled Straaltechniek to accept continuously larger responsibility, and to be engaged in the most sophisticated and demanding areas of Surface Treatment and Protection Industries. This has increased the demands related to education and experience at all levels in the organization, including technical/administrative backing and Quality assurance.


Totally 150 people are employed with a total turn-over of 40 million EURO.


The group is active in the field of Industrial Air Handling and Surface Treatment.


The Surface treatment Division

Companies are joined together in the holding "STRAAL BEHEER". This company was started in February 1982. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany Naaykens B.V. founded new companies together with the sales and technical staff of the Straaltechniek divisions.


Straal Beheer B.V.

Lovense Kanaaldijk 61
5013 BJ Tilburg
The Netherlands
Mr. G.P.Th. Naaykens - General President



The Netherlands

Straaltechniek International B.V. 
Innovatiepark 24
4906 AA  Oosterhout


Straaltechniek International N.V./S.A.
Antwerpsesteenweg 100


Strahltechnik Naaykens International GmbH
Froser Strasse 4
06463 Stadt Falkenstein/Harz OT REINSTEDT


Service Center Gelsenkirchen
Strahltechnik Naaykens International GmbH.
Am Dördelmannshof 28


Straaltechniek International Norway A/S
Kverneviksveien 305


Joint Ventures


S.C. Straaltechniek Minex International S.R.L.
Bulevardul Metalurgiei nr. 85, Sector 4
041832 Bucuresti, Romania


SIAPRO d.o.o.
Postaja 16
SI-5216 Most na Soci

76interactive internetbureau